4 Relaxing Health Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor During Pregnancy

November 21st, 2018
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Phyllis Diller once said, "By far the most common craving of pregnant women, is not to be pregnant."

Joking aside, pregnancy should be a happy time but it can be very uncomfortable. It's time to relieve the stress and rid yourself of body pain. What you need is a chiropractor to help you relax. 

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe and effective. It's not only good for you but also for the baby. Here are the top four benefits of visiting your chiropractor during pregnancy.

1. Pain Relief

Chiropractic care is a totally safe way to relieve back, neck, and joint pain.

As the abdomen grows during pregnancy, so does the curve of the back. This puts a strain on the lower back, hips, and pelvis. This strain can usually be relieved through spinal manipulation. This means administering controlled force to a part of your spine that has become static because of tissue injury.

When a joint is immobile, it can get irritated and painful. The aim of spinal manipulation is to restore mobility and to let the joint to heal.

After a visit to the chiropractor, you'll be well on the way to getting the painless night's sleep that you deserve.

2. A Reduction in Morning Sickness

Morning sickness can leave you feeling immobilized for long periods of time.

The precise causes of morning sickness and nausea during pregnancy are unknown. There is evidence though that visiting the chiropractor may reduce the severity and length of morning sickness.

Morning sickness happens most often during the first trimester. For this reason alone, it's a good idea to set up an appointment with a chiropractor the moment you find out you're pregnant.

3. Lessen the Risk of a C-Section

Some women make a choice to have their baby born by cesarean section. 

Very often though a c-section occurs because of an emergency or high level of risk. Visiting a chiropractor regularly could reduce the risk of requiring this procedure.

There is more research to be done but it's thought chiropractic care strengthens your body for labor. It's also thought to be good for the overall health of your pregnancy.

4. Better Baby Positioning

During the last three months of your pregnancy, your body will undergo a range of changes as it prepares to give birth.

Your baby's position in the womb will play a vital role in a healthy birth. When it's in the wrong position, labor can be more difficult and even dangerous. Aligning your pelvis through spinal manipulation can assist your baby in getting into a better position for birth. That means with the head facing towards the birth canal.

Visiting the chiropractor will also help you maintain a healthy spine, and strong joints and muscles. You'll then be ready for that all important day. 

Visiting the Chiropractor During Pregnancy

We are there to help you have a comfortable and stress-free time as you prepare to give birth. A visit to the chiropractor during pregnancy should be part of your overall health plan.

Get in touch soon so that we can help you have a relaxed pregnancy and a healthy birth.